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Create a recurring budget

This article is for the Super Admin and Admins.

First, go to Settings and ensure that under 'Budgets' you have 'All budgets recur monthly' selected.

You can create a budget any time by going to Manage > Budgets, selecting 'CREATE A BUDGET', and following these steps:

1. Select either 'By Employee' or 'By Role'. This allows you to either set-up the budget for a specific role (e.g. Team Leads) or for specific employees.

2. If you selected 'By Role', then the next step is to select which team(s) the budget applies to. For example, if you select 'Team Leads', then you can apply this budget to the leads of all teams or only certain teams. If you selected 'By Employee', then you can select all employees or only certain employees.

3. If you selected 'By Role', now you can choose which role the budget applies to: either Team Leads or Team Members. Remember, this only applies if you have created at least one team. 

4. Enter the amount of points for this budget. These are GiveAway Points and can only be used for recognition or as campaign awards. For example, if you create a budget of 25 points per month for regular employees, these can only be used for recognizing other co-workers. The employees who receive this budget cannot use the points for redemption.

5. Select the end date or select 'Never' if you want the budget to recurr for as long as you use Qarrot.

Important: You can add, edit, and delete budgets any time.