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Create a custom reward

This article is for the Super Admin and Admins.

You can create custom rewards (sometimes referred to as "company-provided rewards") any time by going to Manage > Catalog, selecting "CREATE REWARD", and following these steps:

1. Enter a name

2. Enter a description

3. Upload an image

4. Set the points value. Although Qarrot doesn't charge you when your custom rewards are redeemed (it is, after all, provided by you), it is important to set the number of points required to redeem it. The default value per point is $0.10. (the Super Admin can change this in Settings). Base your points value on this figure. For example if you're adding "1 Day of Paid Time-off", consider the average amount an employee earns per day and then divide this by the value per point (e.g. $100 / $0.10 = 1,000 points). 

5. Enter the name and email address of the person who will fulfill this reward. This may be the Super Admin, an Admin, or any one else within your organization.