How do I redeem my points for rewards? | qarrot

How do I redeem my points for rewards?

When you earn points from being recognized, for achieving campaign goals, or for hitting milestones such as work anniversaries, you can redeem them for rewards right in Qarrot.

Points you can spend on rewards are called Spending Points. 

Simply go to My Rewards and select 'REDEEM POINTS' in the top right.

Depending on whether your organization has added its own rewards, you may be able to choose from 'Gift Cards' and 'Company-Provided' rewards.

Follow these steps to redeem:

1. Select the rewards category (e.g. Gift Cards)

2. Select the reward (e.g.

3. Select the amount, if applicable (e.g. $25)

Important: You have to have enough Spending Points to redeem the reward you have chosen. You cannot use GiveAway Points in your account.