How does employee-to-employee recognition work? | qarrot

How does employee-to-employee recognition work?

As a regular employee, you may be entitle to recognize your co-workers through Qarrot.

To do so, employee-to-employee recognition must be enabled by your program's Super Admin.

To recognize a co-worker simply go to 'Recognize a co-worker' near the top of your Home page, then follow these steps:

1. Click on 'Who is doing a good job today?' and enter the first few letters of the person's name. Select the person you want to recognize.

2. Select a badge. Be sure to select a badge that best represents the reason for your recognition. Not finding something suitable? Be sure to inform your Super Admin. He or she can add new badges to the system.

3. Add points. If you have been given a monthly budget of GiveAway Points by your program Admin, you will be able to give some to the person you want to recognize. If you have a budget but have already used it up for the month, you won't be able to give away any more points until a new budget is given to you.

4. Enter a personal message. Don't be shy! Your co-worker will appreciate knowing why you're recognizing him or her.

As soon as you send the recognition, it will be sent to the recipient and posted to the Social Feed.