Updating your campaign results | qarrot

Updating your campaign results

For some of the campaigns you participate in, you may be required to update your own progress towards the goals.

By updating your results, you allow Qarrot to track your progress towards the goals and to award you when they are achieved.

To do this, go to My Campaigns, then click 'Enter Results'.

You can now enter a numeric value corresponding to your results, the date that result was achieved, and a short description about your results.

For example if the campaign is about generating new sales, you might enter your latest deal as:

Results: 1

Date: March 15, 2018

Description: Acme Corporation deal

You can enter several results at the same time, just be sure to detail each result in the description field.

If you enter information incorrectly, don't worry! Until your result is approved by the Campaign Owner, you can delete it by clicking on the garbage pail icon next to the result you entered.