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What is a budget?

This article is for the Super Admin and Admins.

A budget is a fixed number of GiveAway Points that managers or regular employees can use each month for recognitions or (in the case of managers who are Team Leads) as campaign awards.

If you have grouped your employees into teams and assigned certain managers as Team Leads, then those managers require a GiveAway Points budget in order to award points to their staff for achieveing the goals of any campaigns they create for them.

You can choose a budget type for your program in the Settings. Recurring budgets always reset on the 1st of each calendar month. So, if you create a budget for all Team Leads of 100 points, the starting on the 1st of each month all Team Leads will have 100 points to give away through recognition or as campaign awards. Points for one-time budgets are assigned instantly in one instalment and do not expire.