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It's easy to bulk edit/update your employees' information all at once with the bulk-update feature. You can add, edit or deactivate users (or any combination of the three) with just one upload! 

1. Download your employee list

To download your current employee list, head to the Manage > Employees section in your menu, click on the three dots next to the 'ADD EMPLOYEE' button and select the 'Update' option from the bulk actions. Download your employee list from the opening panel.


2. Update employee information

Open the list of employees and update the information as needed. 


  • Do not modify row 1.

  • Updating an employee's email address will create a new user (instead of updating the existing employee). To update a user's email address, go to Manage > Employees, click the three-dot icon on the employee's row and select 'Edit', or click 'Profile' then 'Edit Profile'.

  • Removing an employee from the list will deactivate this employee's account.

  • Adding a new employee to the list will add a new user to your account (newly-added employees' status will show as 'pending' until they activate their accounts by clicking the activation link emailed to them).

  • Update multiple employees' spending points at once by downloading our Excel template. In the last column, Spending Points, enter the desired points value for each employee - which will be reflected in their Qarrot account once uploaded. This is particularly useful for those switching employees over from existing recognition processes who do not want previous earned points to go to waste.

3. Upload and review the edited file

In the bulk-update panel, upload the edited file and click 'Submit for review'.


It usually only takes a few seconds for your file to get reviewed. Once completed, click 'Review results'.


If your file contains any invalid entries, you can fix the error(s) and re-upload your file or submit as is. Any errors will be skipped during the updating process.

Note: If an invalid entry is due to a limited number of seats, please go to the Manage > Subscription section (only accessible from the Super Admin account) and send us a request to add seats to your subscription. You can then go back to the bulk-update panel and submit your file for review again.


4. Submit the changes

Finally, submit the changes by clicking 'Submit as is'.




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