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It's easy to incorporate your company's branding into Qarrot. Simply follow these steps:

1. Go to Organization > Settings and scroll down the page to the 'Branding' section. 

By default, the three customization features will be turned off. 

2. Enabling each custom section will allow you to pick your color scheme for the Menu (side-panel) and the Home Page. 

Note: You can always reset your account's appearance to the original Qarrot colors by clicking 'Reset Default'

3. As you're picking colors from the palette, you can preview the changes in real-time.

Note: Make sure to pick highly contrasting colors to keep the elements easy to read

4. Enable 'Import your logo', drag your own logo directly in the frame or open the file picker by clicking 'Choose a file' (the recommended size is 104px by 30px or a ratio of 3.5:1). 

5. Click 'Save Changes' when you're done. 


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