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Go to Manage > Subscription, the page shows the number of seats currently in use in your account, the selected pricing plan, and your credit card subscription payment receipts.

Note: the number of 'Seats in use' includes both active and pending users in your account. 

To learn more about a payment, like the period covered or invoice number, click the receipt icon on the line item you want to know more about:

To add or remove seats from your subscription, simply select the type of request, enter the corresponding number of seats you'd like to add or remove and click 'Submit'.

Note: To remove employee seats from your account, make sure enough accounts are deactivated. 

The seat adjustment is automatic and immediate. We will modify your subscription within 1 business day.

Note: If you are on an Enterprise pricing plan, click 'Send request' or contact us at [email protected] to make any change to your plan. 

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