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Part I : How To Create a Manual Campaign

Creating an incentive campaign with Qarrot is easy to do. But first, we recommend that you have the following ready:


1. Your campaign title

2. The cover image file (max of 5 MB) you want to include with your campaign (optional)

3. Your campaign description

4. The terms and conditions related to the incentive (optional)

5. You can attach a document (max of 5 MB) to your campaign's details (optional)

6. Your start and end dates (the start date must be greater than the campaign creation date)



7. A decision about who will participate and how. In other words, do you want employees to participate individually or in teams? As individuals, you're rewarding employees for their individual performance. As a team, you're rewarding employees based on the total performance of the team (the team format is only available once a least one team is created).



8. A decision about whether the rewards should be paid out automatically or manually (by you).

Select 'Manual' and create the award(s) by entering the award's description, points and/or badge(s). You can include one or more awards in your manual campaign and you will have to decide who deserves to be given the award(s) during, or at the end of, the campaign. You can give employees awards any time by closing the campaign and selecting winners.

9. Click 'Create Campaign'


Part II: How To Close a Manual Campaign 

This part starts at min 2:30 in the video above.

You can close a manual campaign whenever its status is either 'Running' or 'Finished'.

1. Click the three dots next to the campaign you wish to close and select 'Mark as Closed'

2. Click 'Select Award Recipients' to choose which participant(s) should be given the award(s)

Note: you can award some or all of the awards you included in a campaign to its participants; You can also create additional awards when closing your campaign by clicking 'Add Awards'.

3. Click 'Submit Award Recipients' to confirm your selection. 

Note: if you are a team lead, you can view the details of the points you're awarding by clicking 'Expand to see details'.

4. Click 'Close Campaign'

Note: you can find the closed campaigns under the 'Closed' status tab in Manage > Campaigns campaigns. View each campaign's reward report by clicking the three dots and selecting 'Awards Report'

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