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You can easily add employees to Qarrot by going to Manage > Employees, then by selecting 'ADD EMPLOYEES'.

Qarrot provides three options for adding employees to your account:

1. Manually enter each employee. We recommend this process for smaller teams.

2. Bulk upload employees. Download the template, copy/paste your employee data (be sure to follow the instructions provided in the template), and then upload the template.

Our bulk upload template also enables managers to update multiple employees spending points at once. In the last column, under Spending Points, enter the desired points value for each employee. This is particularly useful for those switching employees over from existing recognition processes who do not want previous earned points to go to waste.

3. Distribute a registration link. Copy our link and send it to any employees you want to be able to register. With this option, employees are only added after they click on the link and complete their registration.


The following fields are always mandatory when adding employees:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

The remaining fields are optional, but below we list the reasons why you might want to include them:

  • Job Title - displays in your employee's profile and when users click someone's avatar on the social feed

  • Employee ID - allows you to more easily identify employees

  • Join Date - is required for Work Anniversary and Service Awards

  • Birthday - is required for Birthday Awards

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