This article is for Admins

As an Admin, you have the authority to switch campaign owners as you see appropriate. You can only assign campaigns to other Admins - Team Leads can not be assigned a campaign previously owned by someone else.

To change campaign owners, simply follow these steps:

1. From Manage, select Campaigns

2. Select whichever campaign you would like to switch the owner of - including running, scheduled, or completed campaigns.

3. Click the three dot icon at the end of the row and select Change Owner

4. Underneath Current owner, click Modify selection

5. Choose the new campaign owner from the list of Admins

Note: Any Admin that is currently participating in a specific campaign will not be included in that campaign's respective list of possible owners. Users cannot be an owner AND participant of the same campaign. Otherwise, the owner needs to remove the Admin from the campaign participants' list before transferring ownership to that Admin.

6. Once you have made your selection, click Change owner

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