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Your reward catalog is a collection of rewards that employees can choose from when redeeming their Spending points. The reward catalog gives your team the choice of digital gift cards from hundreds of leading brands in more than 20 countries. If you would like to further customize your catalog, you can also create and add company-provided rewards.

Create Custom Rewards
You can create custom rewards (sometimes referred to as "company-provided rewards") any time by going to Manage > Catalog, selecting "Create Custom Reward", and following the subsequent steps.

Redeem Rewards
If members of your team redeem points for a digital gift card, those rewards are automatically sent to their email. If points are redeemed for a custom company reward, however, the person designated for fulfillment will be notified to provide the employee with that specific reward.

Note: When it comes to fulfilling company-provided rewards, the designated individual does not necessarily have to be a Qarrot user in order to fulfill that reward.

Add Rewards Funding
You can add funds at any time to your Rewards Funding Account by going to
Manage > Funding and selecting 'Add Funds'. Please note that a 3% service charge will be added to all reward funding purchases done by credit card.

Catalog Filters
You can view the contents of your catalog through status filters such as inactive and active rewards. You can also organize your collection via reward type - either gift cards, donations, or company provided. You can also view any past reward redemptions from Manage > Redemptions, and the 'Rewards Redeemed’ report can be located from the Dashboard section.

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