This article is for Super Admins.

If your organization uses the HR software program BambooHR, you can easily integrate that existing employee database within Qarrot.

To connect your BambooHR account, follow these steps ;

  1. From Dashboard, select ORGANIZATION > Settings

  2. From Settings, select Integrations

  3. Enable Sync with BambooHR

  4. Enter your Subdomain and Key (here is how to find your API key)

  5. Click Save Changes

6. Select MANAGE > Employees

7. Click Sync Employees

Once employees have been synced from BambooHR, Super Admins will no longer have to worry about manually updating employees. Any adding, editing, or deactivating of employees within BambooHR will automatically update in Qarrot.

If the system returns the error message "You don't have enough seats to add this employee", simply head to the Manage > Subscription section of your Super Admin account and request additional seats or email us at [email protected] to adjust your subscription.

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