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If an employee shows the status 'Pending' in Manage > Employees, it means they haven't verified their email address yet and aren't actively participating in your program.

Admins can resend the activation email to a pending user at any time. If the employee can't find the original 'Welcome' email they were sent when invited to join Qarrot (from [email protected], subject line 'Welcome! Let's activate your Qarrot account'), you have the possibility as an Admin to copy their account's activation link and share it with them directly.

Note: The employee must be already added to the program in order to access their activation link. To invite a new employee to your program with the help of a link, see Adding employees > Share registration link.

To copy an account's activation link, just follow these steps:

1. First, make sure the employee's email is correctly spelled (a typo in the email may be the reason the activation email isn't received)

2. Click on the three-dot symbol next to the employee's name:


3. Select 'Copy Activation Link', a confirmation that the link is copied to the clipboard will appear.

4. Share the link with the employee

Important: An activation link is specific to an employee's account, do not share an employee's activation link publicly or with another user.

5. By clicking their activation link, employees can create a secure password and log into their Qarrot account.

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