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Connecting Qarrot with your organization's Microsoft Teams account enables your people to view the recognitions, announcements, campaign awards, or milestones right from Teams.

To connect Qarrot to your Microsoft Teams account, follow these steps:

  1. Within Microsoft Teams, open the Store menu and search for Incoming Webhook.


Note: You will need to be an admin in your MS Teams account to set up this integration.

2. Enter a name and upload an image for this connector, then click 'Create'.

Note: If you'd like to customize this connector with the Qarrot icon, you can download it here:


3. Copy the webhook URL, then click 'Done'.

4. Login to Qarrot and head to the Manage Program > Settings page.

5. Under Integrations, click 'Connect' on the Microsoft Teams card.

6. Paste the Webhook URL into the field and click 'Save'

Note: The Webhook URL should look like this:[email protected]921e416d9/IncomingWebhook/3fdd6767bae44ac58e5995547d66a4e4/f332c8d9-3397-4ac5-957b-b8e3fc465a8c

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