Integrate Qarrot with MS Teams

A step-by-step guide to install the Qarrot <> MS Teams integration

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This article is for Super Admins.

Compared to the MS Teams webhook integration (which enables your people to view the social feed's activity in Teams), the new Qarrot integration for Microsoft Teams lets users send recognitions, view the leaderboards, review campaign activity, and quickly access the reward catalogue, without the need to navigate different applications or tabs.

With this integration, recognizing and celebrating your team's achievements becomes even more effortless and impactful. You can now give recognition in real-time in MS Teams, ensuring every accomplishment is acknowledged and celebrated promptly.

Install the Qarrot Microsoft Teams app

Note: you must be a Super Admin in Qarrot, and a global Teams admin in MS Teams to set up this integration.

1. Log into your Super Admin account and go to Manage > Settings > Integrations before scrolling down to the Apps section, and click 'Install':

Manage &gt; Settings &gt; Integrations &gt; Apps

2. On the apps page, select 'Get it now'

Install MS Teams

3. Log into Microsoft Teams and follow the steps to deploy the Qarrot app:

At the Configuration step, click 'Next'

qarrot app configuration

At the Users step, select ‘Entire organization’ and click ‘Next


At the Deployment step, click 'Accept permissions' and follow the subsequent steps

permissions accepted

Click 'Next', then click 'Finish deployment'

finish deployment

4. The app deployment is complete when you see this screen:

deployment completed

Click 'Done' and that's it! The Qarrot app is now all set and ready to be used in Teams!

To 'Pin' the Qarrot app in your employees' taskbar in teams, follow this Microsoft help article.

Users can also individually follow these steps to add the Qarrot app to their Teams account after the initial setup above.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated support team is always available to provide guidance and support during the integration process.

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