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Create and manage badges
Create and manage badges

Promote your company values by creating badges that can be awarded in recognitions, campaigns, or milestones.

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This article is for Admins.

It's easy to create badges at any time by going to Manage > Badges and then selecting 'Create'.

To create a new badge, you'll need to:

1. Enter the name of your badge. The name should reflect the core value, skill or behaviour you want to promote. For example: "Leadership" or "Safety Champion".

2. Enter a description for your badge. This field allows you to describe the badge and the reasons for awarding it in more detail.

3. Select an image amongst those available. Not finding a suitable image? You can upload your own artwork for your badges by clicking on 'Add images' in the image selector (if you uploaded custom images in the past, you'll be able to find them in 'My Library'):

4. The badge's usage: select where this badge is available and who can award it. Depending on how you've set up your recognition program, you may want all users to be able to award this badge when sending a recognition, only team leads, or only admins. You can also create a badge meant to be used in campaigns the admins and/or team leads run or meant to be awarded when employees celebrate a birthday, a work anniversary, and/or years of service (milestone awards).

5. You can optionally include a number of points that will automatically be awarded along with this badge.

Once you complete these steps and click 'Create', your new badge will immediately be available.

Note: You can edit and deactivate/reactivate badges at any time.

You can manage your custom artwork by navigating to the 'Library of custom images':

Any image under the 'Not used' section can be deleted simply by clicking the trash icon next to it.

If you need to delete an image 'Currently used', then you must edit the badge(s) using this artwork and replace the image with another one.

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