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Use custom fields to sort your people list
Use custom fields to sort your people list

Add custom fields to better filter and sort your people

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This article is for Super Admins.

By default, Qarrot only stores mandatory information such as first name, last name, and email address, and optional information including birthday, start date, job title, country, and unique identifier.

Custom fields allow you to add more fields to your people’s profiles in order to easily organize, view, and select people. For example, to be able to view and select people by department, create a new field called “Department” and then populate it with the different department names within your company.

Once added, custom fields will appear as columns in the bulk upload file that allows you to invite people to your organization. Custom fields can also be used as filters when creating campaigns, teams, and giving point budgets.

You’ll also be able to manually fill or edit the value associated with each custom field on the profile of each person in your organization.

To create a custom field, follow these steps:

First, go to Manage > Settings > Advanced options:

Manage > Settings > Advanced options

Click 'Add custom field', enter the name of the field you'd like to add to your people's profiles and click 'Add':

Use custom fields as filters

After creating custom fields and entering the corresponding information in users' profiles, you can use the custom fields when creating a team, a budget, or when selecting campaign participants. You simply have to select the option 'Specific profile fields' when you filter the list of campaign participants/budget recipients/team members:

Edit/delete custom fields

You can edit or delete custom fields from the Manage > Settings > Advanced options page in your (Super Admin) account.

You can edit custom fields at any time by clicking 'Edit'.

You cannot delete a custom field currently in use in a budget, team, or campaign.

Important: Deleting a custom field will remove it and its values from all profiles in your organization and cannot be undone.

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