As an Admin, you have the ability to review and resolve the posts that were flagged by other users. All admins are notified by email when a user reports a post.

To review and resolve a reported post, go to Manage > Reported posts.

From this page, you'll be able to see:

1. The type of post that was reported (e.g: A recognition, an announcement, etc.)

2. The name of the user who reported the post

3. The date and time the post was reported.

4. The reason the user reported the post (e.g: inappropriate content, suspicious activity, or any other specified reason)

By clicking the arrow on a reported post, you can decide to either:

1. Hide the post from the Home page's feed.

Note: Hiding a recognition post does not revert the recognition (e.g: if you want to remove points from a recognition recipient's balance, you must edit their balance).

2. Reject the flag and keep the post visible on the Home page's feed.

Once resolved, you can view all the reported posts and the decision taken for each of them by clicking on the filter 'Resolved'.

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