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Pinning/unpinning announcements
Pinning/unpinning announcements

How to pin/unpin announcements to the Home page

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This article is for anyone who can post announcements to the Home page (depending on the program settings).

Pin an announcement

Once you've posted your announcement on the social feed, click the three dots icon on the top-right corner of your post and select 'Pin Announcement':

pin an announcement

The announcements you pin will display on the right-hand side of the Home page, under the 'Pinned announcements' box:

pinned announcements

Note: If you've selected specific teams or employees as your post's audience, only they can see the pinned announcement on their Home page.

Unpin an announcement

To unpin an announcement, go to your post on the Feed or under 'Pinned announcements', click the three dots icon on the post and select 'Unpin Announcement':

unpin announcement

Note: By default, Team Leaders can only post/pin announcements on their Team members' Home page. To enable Team Leaders to make their announcements visible to everyone, the program Super Admin must adjust the Announcements settings.

Rules to pin/unpin announcements

  • Users can pin/unpin their own announcements

  • Admins can pin/unpin any announcements posted by an admin or a user

  • The Super Admin can pin/unpin anyone's announcements

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