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Public vs. private recognitions
Public vs. private recognitions

What does "Send as a private recognition" mean?

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This article is primarily for the Super Admin but may also be useful for team leaders and people.

The Super Admin can enable 'Private' recognitions in Manage > Settings under 'Recognitions':

private recognitions

When 'Allow people to send private recognitions' is turned off in the settings, Admins can privately recognize anyone in the organization, and team leaders can privately recognize their team members.

When turned on, all people in the organization will see the option 'Send as a private recognition' when they send a recognition:

By default, the recognition privacy is 'public' so that all recognitions are viewable by any active users on the Home feed.

However if 'Send as a private recognition' is turned on, then the recognition is marked as such and can only be seen by the recipient(s) and the sender.

Admins can always see all recognitions (public and private) under an employee's Activity History (Manage > People, then 'Profile') as well as in the Dashboard reports.

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