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Change campaign manager
Change campaign manager

Modify campaign managers among your Admin team

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This article is for Admins

As an Admin, you have the authority to switch campaign managers as you see appropriate. You can only assign campaigns to other Admins - Team Leads can not be assigned a campaign previously owned by an Admin.

To change campaign managers, simply follow these steps:

1. From Manage, select Campaigns

2. Select whichever campaign you would like to switch the owner of - including running, scheduled, or finished campaigns.

3. Click the double-arrow icon at the end of the row and select Change manager:

4. Underneath Manager, click Change

5. Choose the new campaign manager from the list of Admins, and click Done.

Note: if you don't see the admin user you want to select in the list of available managers, make sure this user is not a participant in the campaign.

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