Transaction history

An archive of both spending and giving points transactions.

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Access your own transaction history

In your Qarrot account, click your avatar in the top-right corner to access your Profile.

From there, navigate to the Transactions tab to view all your spending and giving point transactions.

Transaction history

Giving points Transactions include points you have spent recognizing peers or rewarding campaign participants (if you are an Admin or Team Leader) and any points you have received from a budget.

Note: Admins have an unlimited number of giving points and do not require any budgets.

Spending points Transactions include any points you have received from recognitions, milestones, and campaign awards and the points you've redeemed for rewards.

The Transaction history includes the date, description, and value of each transaction.

You can also view your point balance after each transaction.

Use the transaction filters

Qarrot users can also filter their Transactions to only show transactions from:

  • Campaign Awards

  • Manual Adjustments

  • Milestone Awards

  • Recognitions

  • Redemptions

  • Budgets

Users can also select a specific date range.

It's a good idea to regularly check your Transactions so you can stay on top of your budget activity and make the most of your points before your giving points budget resets.

View a user's transaction history (for Admins)

To view a full detailed history of every giving and spending transaction in a user's account, head to the Manage > People page in your admin account, click the arrow on the user's row and navigate to the Transactions tab.

transaction history

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