This article is for the Super Admin and Admins.

You can deactivate user accounts by going to Manage > People and following these steps:

1. On the row of the user you want to deactivate, click the 'toggle' icon:

2. Select 'Deactivate account' and confirm.

By deactivating a user's account, he/she will no longer be able to sign into Qarrot. However, the account will not be deleted. It will remain in your list of users as an 'inactive' account. Any points and badges earned, or past activity will remain in the deactivated account and can be retrieved by reactivating the account.

Note: Inactive users do not count towards your subscription headcount.

You can reactivate the account by clicking 'Activate account' following the same steps at any time. This will allow the user to log back in and use their account normally.

To deactivate multiple user accounts at once, read about Bulk actions rundown.

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