Upload campaign results

Easily record and update campaign participant results with our Excel upload template

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This article is for Admins or Team Leaders who are the owner of an automatic campaign

When you create a campaign you have the option of selecting how results will be entered - either by the participants or you, the campaign owner. If you choose to enter the campaign results yourself, you can easily record and upload those results with our campaign results template.

To upload your campaign results:

1. From Manage, select Campaigns

2. Find your campaign and click on the corresponding three-dot icon

3. Select 'Upload Results':

upload results

4. Download the Campaign results template and enter the required information for your campaign

5 Upload your template and click Submit for review (this may take a moment as our system will process results/awards and scan for any inconsistencies)

6. Once results have been submitted for review, the campaign owner can review

results and awards but still has to confirm by clicking Submit as is (only then are

results recorded for the campaign and awards given to participants)

Once the file is successfully uploaded, the campaign owner can review the results and corresponding awards for each participant. Participants can view their results, awards, and progress towards the campaign's goal(s) on the campaign's Leaderboard page.

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