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Entering campaign results
Entering campaign results

How to enter a new result in a campaign

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For some of the campaigns you participate in, you may be required to update your own progress towards the objective(s) by directly entering your results.

By updating your results, you allow Qarrot to track your progress towards the goals and award you when they are achieved.

When you participate in campaigns for which you can enter results, you'll a link to 'Enter results' on the corresponding campaign under the Campaigns box on your Home page:

To enter results, click on 'Enter results' on your Home page or go to Campaigns in the top navigation menu of your account.

The box on the right hand side of the Campaigns page allows you to submit a new result (the unit label and the fields you must complete may differ depending on the campaign's requirements):

You can now enter a numeric value corresponding to your results and the date that the result was achieved. In some cases, you may be required to enter some additional information or upload a document related to your result.

For example, if the campaign is about generating new sales, you might enter your latest deal as:

  • Results: 1

  • Date: March 15, 2022

  • Description (optional): Acme Corporation deal

You can enter several results at the same time.

If you enter information incorrectly, don't worry! Until your result is approved by the Campaign Manager, you can delete it by clicking 'Delete' next to the result you entered in your Results History:

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