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Add/change the credit card on file

The credit card on file will be used to pay for your Qarrot subscription. You can add or change your credit card on file by going to the Manage > Subscription page. Under the 'Payment methods' section, click the 'Manage' button:

manage payment method

You'll get redirected to a portal where you can add a credit card by pressing '+ Add payment method':

Note: make sure the new credit card is used for any future subscription payments by checking the box 'Use as default payment method' when adding the card.

Edit your billing information

To change the billing email and address showing on your subscription invoices, go to the Manage > Subscription page and access the billing portal by clicking 'Manage'.

On the portal, scroll down to the 'Billing information' section and click 'Update information':

View your subscription invoice history

You can see all your past invoices and payments on the Manage > Subscription page and under the 'Invoice history' section of the billing portal.

invoice history

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