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Send a multi-recognition
Send a multi-recognition

Want to recognize more than one person at a time?

Updated over a week ago

It's easy to say 'thanks' to more than one person at a time on Qarrot! When sending a recognition, under 'Who do you want to recognize today?', simply select all the people you'd like to send a recognition to:

select recipients


If you include points in your recognition, each person you recognize gets the total amount of points you add to the recognition. For example, if you recognize 3 people and add 10 points to your recognition, each of them will be awarded 10 points and 30 points will be deducted from your Giving point balance. 

add points


You may have the possibility to attach a badge representing the company value/skill/contribution you'd like to thank your peers for. 

Once you click on 'Send', the people you recognized will get notified and your message will appear at the top of the Social Feed. 

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