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Automatically celebrate your people's work anniversary!

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You can automatically celebrate work anniversaries by creating an Anniversary award under Manage > Milestones. When a user celebrates a work anniversary, the award appears on the social feed, which allows other users to add on to the milestone if they want to (if they have giving points available).

Note: in order to receive an anniversary award, users must record their join date ahead of time. Anniversary rewards cannot be awarded retroactively.

work anniversary award

Create an Anniversary award

From the Manage > Milestones page and on the right side of your screen, click 'Set' under 'Anniversary award', then complete the following:

  1. Name - give your award a fun name

  2. Message - add a celebratory message that will apply to all users' anniversaries

  3. Badge - select the badge the user will earn

  4. Points - add the number of points the user will receive (optional)

That's it!

Edit an Anniversary award

From the anniversary award's detail page, click 'Edit'. You can only edit the award's name or message. To change the badge or the points associated with this award, you must delete it and create a new anniversary award.

Delete an Anniversary award

To delete the Anniversary award, click 'Delete' on the Anniversary award's detail page:

delete milestone

Activate or deactivate the Anniversary Award

To deactivate the Anniversary Award so this milestone stops being awarded to people, click the switch:

deactivate milestone

You can reactivate the Anniversary award at any time.


How do I add my people's anniversary dates?

There are 3 ways to add their anniversary dates:

  • If you're using an HRIS integration for your user management, the system will automatically pull the information over for you.

  • You can add everyone's anniversary information by including it in the bulk upload template.

  • You can manually add a user's anniversary information by finding their name on the Manage > People page and clicking the arrow on the right. Click 'Edit' and scroll in their profile to find the Join date field and type in their anniversary information.

What time do the anniversary awards get sent out?

The anniversary awards will be sent out around 7 am UTC.

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