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Keep track of employees' point and reward spendings from the Dashboard

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Qarrot provides a powerful set of program administration tools making it easy to monitor and manage all aspects of your recognition program.

As an Admin, you can access a birds-eye view of points and monetary budgets from the Manage > Dashboard page. Before diving into your Program Activity, you will see a box comprising your Outstanding Giving Points, Rewards Liability, and Rewards Funding. They are as follows :

dashboard values

Outstanding Giving Points

The total remaining balance of giving points among all of your people. Giving points can be distributed on whatever basis fits your team best (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.).

Note: Since Admins have an infinite amount of giving points, this balance only includes giving points belonging to Team Leaders and People.

Rewards Liability

The monetary value of all active and pending users' spending points balances that have yet to be redeemed for rewards.

Rewards Funding

The monetary balance currently available in your account to cover the gift card reward redemptions of users. As a precaution, Qarrot alerts all admins when funding falls below $100.00

Note: As a general rule of thumb, we suggest having a Rewards Funding balance that is 10% - 20% of your Rewards Liability value at any given time.

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